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How does it work?

Select your injury and start your multi-week treatment plan today!

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The first step is to find your injury and click on the 'Start Treatment' button. By starting a treatment plan you get access to multiple exercises with instructions, images and HD videos.


Treatment period

Once you have started a treatment plan, you will be advised how many times to do the exercises and how many days to do them. You can track your improvement and monitor your progress.


Complete your Treatment

After completing your exercise plan, you should be feeling much better! You can send feedback to your medical practitioner or share your experience on social media.

Your Virtual Physio will guide you!

If you suffer from a joint or muscle injury, you can complete exercises to speed up your recovery and do your own self-rehabilitation.

We have provided 3-4 exercises that you can do each day, 6 days per week. You do the exercises either once or twice per day, depending on how quickly you want to recover. If you get any pain while doing any exercise, stop and seek advice from your physiotherapist or GP.

This app is designed for people aged between 16-65. Over 65s should seek medical advice before performing any of the exercises provided.

Start your treatment

Track your pain ratings

While you are doing your exercises, you will have chance to track your pain ratings. This will help you track your progress and we will know how successful our programme is.

Track your progress

Use the Rehab Me platform to track your progress as you recover. Login each week to check your new exercise plan. The tracking will help you to monitor your improvement. We've even included a diary to note down any problems you may experience, or any gains you made on a particular day.

We know from reviewing hundreds of research papers that exercises help to improve most people's pain. Our plans have been carefully designed by clinicians (Senior and Consultant Physiotherapists working in GP surgeries) and are based on the best possible evidence that we have at present. As more evidence becomes available, we'll update the site accordingly.

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Our rehab plans are evidence based where possible, or based on solid clinical experience when research is not available.


We set up a group of clinicians to test and use the advice and rehab plans to ensure they are safe, appropriate and evidence based.


Track your pain scores as you progress through the treatment programme to monitor your improvement as you recover.


Fill in a patient reported outcome measure to allow us to have more detailed information about how you are recovering from your condition.


Use local exercise groups and classes, from Age UK to yoga, to exercise and improve your fitness. We'll provide you with some affordable options.


Your GP and physio have access to login to the site and provide you with the latest joint and muscle injury information to assist.


+ Reduce Physiotherapy Referrals
+ Encourage Self-Management
+ Reduce GP Appointments
+ Reduce Prescribing
+ Reduce Referral for Imaging
+ Reduce T&O Referrals


You can use Rehab Me on every device.

You can access the Rehab Me website using your favourite browser on any desktop, tablet or phone.