Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of questions for your convenience

Q. How do I sign-up?

Click SIGN-UP to register and start your treatment programme today. You will need to verify your email address and be registered at a GP Practice or healthcare organisation that has subscribed to the Rehab Me service.

Q. Is the Rehab Me website FREE?

It is FREE for users. But to access the site you will need to be registered with GP Practice or healthcare organisation that has subscribed to the Rehab Me service. If your local GP Practice is not registered please contact us so we can approach them to subscribe to our service.

Q. Why have I been directed onto a website?

You have been encouraged to use this website to start your own self-rehabilitation. Evidence shows that performing exercises can improve your joint and muscle pain. This website is not designed to replace a physiotherapist but doing these exercises may prevent you from needing to see one.

Q. Who are you?

We are a group of Senior Physiotherapists, osteopaths, and healthcare practitioners from Surrey Physio www.surreyphysio.co.uk who have used our experience to create the best possible exercise plans to help you recover. We also formed a working group with local GPs with vast experience who assisted with the advice and information provided.

Q. Will the exercise programmes work?

Yes, exercises do work in many cases. But it depends on the adherence of everyone. Stay motivated, do the exercises as prescribed, and you can expect improvements in your pain scores. However, there will be some patients who require alternative or additional support to improve their condition. If this is the case you should call your GP Practice.

Q. Will my GP or Physio be able to see what I am doing

When you have started a treatment, you have the option to share your progress on a weekly or monthly basis with your GP or Physio. Just add their email address from the drop-down list that should appear or add manually. They will see a summary that you can see in the ‘preview’ option that tracks your pain score and exercises.

Q. Is my data secure ?

You have control over your data, including who can access the treatment programs you are undertaking. No personal identification data is visible on the site. All information is held on a secure server and adheres to GDPR guidelines.

Q. I want to see a face-to-face Physio

Yes, we understand that, but while you wait, to help reduce your pain it could be beneficial to review the advice sheets on your issue or injury and provide some exercises to improve things.

Q. I was told to do different exercises, what should I do?

If you have been told to do different exercises by another medical professional, then follow their advice. Our exercise plans are generic, based on evidence across a wide range of people, but it is not bespoke.

Q. I would like to have an X-ray or MRI scan

Please refer directly to your GP or Physio for them to complete an assessment. This will help them to make an informed decision about whether you may require onward referral.

Q. I have another injury, can I use the other exercise programmes?

The platform can support multiple exercise programs concurrently, but we recommend you first seek advice from your doctor, physiotherapist, or osteopath before starting a new exercise programme.

Q. I get pain when doing one or more exercises… what should I do?

Stop any exercise that feels painful. Listen to your body. If it does not feel right, do not do it. Do the exercises that DO feel right for your body. Start gently and follow the instructions and advice carefully. If your pain is not improving after a reasonable period of trying the exercises, then seek medical advice.

Q. My pain is not improving… what should I do?

Are you doing the exercises daily, as shown on the site? If after a reasonable amount of time things are not improving, then first look at your daily routine to make sure you are not continuing to aggravate your pain. Also look at any other external factors that could be influencing your pain, like stress, family issues, or financial worries. If in any doubt at all, seek a consultation with your physiotherapist or GP.

Q. Can I delete my data?

Yes. Go to the Settings and Select “Delete Account”.

Q. How long will you store my data for?

We store data for 8 years according to the UK legal requirement. For more information please go to our GDPR policy.

Q. What will you do with my data?

We will anonymously record any pain improvement scores and Like/Dislike information on each exercise to improve our exercise prescribing. This is performed over thousands of datasets. Your personal information is completely safe and secure.

Q. Is your website encrypted?

Yes, our website is encrypted, and your personal data is safe. Website encryption is an ongoing process and we are constantly looking at ways to further our encryption as new vulnerabilities in the internet become apparent.

Q. How do I send my feedback about the site?

Click the feedback option at the top. We will do our best to respond to feedback in a timely manner. For medical advice, please speak to your GP or physiotherapist. Please contact us about any site issues or bugs.

Q. Who is Rehab My Patient?

Rehab My Patient is a fantastic rehab website for GP’s, Physiotherapists and MSK doctors to prescribe bespoke exercise plans easily and quickly to patients. Bespoke exercises can often be more specific and tailored more closely to your requirements. Go to a www.rehabmypatient.com for more information.